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Up to 26% of all imaging is ordered incorrectly when placed without evidence-based standards.

We are empowering physicians to achieve
100% First Time Right Order.


Incorrect Orders


Correct Orders


Incorrect Orders

The First-Time
Right Order

Education on the appropriate use of advanced imaging is increasingly becoming a priority as it contributes to improving the quality of patient care, reducing wasteful utilization, and controlling costs. Imaging clinical decision support systems are the next generation in the delivery of knowledge and management of appropiate diagnostic imaging utilization to ensure “the first-time right order” 

Why Us?

  • Comprehensive PAMA Solution (Includes 13 PLE AUC)
    Covering Major Practice Areas
  • Personalized Patient Assessment and Treatment Recommendation through AI
  • Practice Patent Population Risk Assessment, Screening
    and Preventive Management
  • Recommendation through AI

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