Patient Outcomes

Today's best clinical decision support systems help doctors improve patient outcomes by providing them with timely access to evidence-based guidelines and recommendations.


Today’s best clinical decision support software helps radiologists read images faster, reduces costs by up to 50%, improves patient care, and saves lives.

Most costs associated with health care are incurred when making decisions about ordering tests, procedures, medications, etc. which initiate most of the expense. OmniScient provides clinical decision support software for physicians offices. It integrates with their existing electronic medical record systems. Omniscient keeps the “five rights of clinical decision support at its core: the right information, for the right patient, in the right intervention for mature, via the right channel, at just the right time.

Clinical decision support systems must be precise at point of care

According to studies, doctors are enthusiastic about reducing unnecessary tests and procedures and overwhelmingly support using clinical practice guidelines. To deliver the best decisions at the point of care, healthcare organizations must be able to provide timely access to accurate patient information. If you want to integrate decision support seamlessly and automatically into the provider workflow, then you need to be 112 times more likely to succeed than if you don’t.


OmniScience helps organizations prepare for global risks by helping them target their efforts towards reducing costs through clinical decision support tools.


  • Enables organizations to successfully implement risk-based payment solutions.



  • Analytics and Reporting Tools For Actionable Feedback
  • Integrates evidence-backed alerts into clinical decision support systems to improve patient outcomes.


  • Provides ready-to-use content for both inpatients and outpatients with proven result

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